Hardware Issues

Beeping Computer

If your computer is beeping, this means that something has failed, but the computer recognizes it. This typically means a part, often the motherboard, has become broken from wear or misuse with time.

Blank Screen on Startup

A blank screen on startup more often than not means that your BIOS (Basic Input Output System) has encountered a problem. This may mean that a part has broken and he computer doesn't know, or a part was improperly installed.

Slowing Down or Stopping Randomly

Random failures in the computer may mean that a part is not yet broken, but it is in the process of failing. The best option is to find and replace the part soon, as you will be without a computer entirely once one part fails.

Software issues


Viruses are all too common in computers, they typically come with other documents that you install, and hide themselves within your computer. At Fly-By-Night, we save all of your files to a separate hard drive, and use professional software to fully wipe your drive, being sure to remove viruses that hide from software available at home.

Failed Installations and Drivers

When a computer installs any software, it typically says to not turn off your computer until it is done. If something happens to break this, the software you installed may not work, or it may even break your computer entirely. This is solved the same way as virus removal, where the valuable data is kept  and the rest is wiped entirely.

Aged Software

Sometimes, computers may simply become outdated, and that may cause the computer to show a variety of symptoms. We have all the software needed to upgrade your computer to the optimal version. If your computer is too old to handle any further upgrades, we can give you a good value for a new computer.